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Grand Theft Auto III is the third part of the controversial action game in which we play the role of a gangster performing illegal tasks. It differs from previous versions mainly by its revolutionary technology. The game was developed by Rockstar North and released on PS2, PC and Xbox.

The biggest difference between GTA III and its predecessors is the fully three-dimensional graphic design, made with RenderWare engine. Thanks to it, the player can move around in a richly "equipped" city, which to some extent reflects those of real life. As a place of action we use Liberty City, which was mapped in the image of New York.

The game begins with a hero called Claude Speed, who wants to become the head of the criminal world of Liberty City. The young boy has several goals to achieve, such as revenge on his former girlfriend, Catalina, who almost put him in prison. The task that Claude has to perform is given to him by several characters who were created for this very purpose. The hero has at his disposal the whole space of three connected islands (Portland, Staunton Island and Shoreside Vale). He can cover distances between them through bridges and tunnels or thanks to several types of motorboats (Claude doesn't have swimming skills).

The fundamental role in GTA III is played by dozens of unlicensed vehicles, which can be divided into, among others, delivery vans, family and sports cars. Some of them have special properties (e.g. unique, bulletproof equivalent of Humvee - Patriot), others are very rare (e.g. ice-cream car). The vehicles boast several damage zones and an extremely intuitive control model. They also offer the ability to fire while driving (drive-by) and the option to listen to eight radio stations (most of the songs played in them were recorded especially for Grand Theft Auto III). Each of the cars is stored in garages, located near Claude's hiding places in particular districts.

As far as self-defence is concerned, the creators have tried to ensure our safety. The player was given, among others, uzi, rifles, pistols or Molotov cocktails. The authors also included an erotic theme in GTA III - the main character can have relations with prostitutes, as well as cooperate with the head of the brothel, taking care of the maids of light customs on his behalf.

At the time of its publication, GTA III was second to none. It was not surprising, therefore, that there were so many excellent reviews and a huge number of copies sold. The Rockstar North production became a big hit in 2001-2002.

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